Kenneth Copeland Ministries 25 Days of Christmas Gifts

Go to this link and sign up and receive your 25 days of free gifts.  Merry Christmas


Kenneth Copeland Ministries

KCM has some wonderful products available for you.  Free as a matter of fact.  Take these and sow them as gifts to others, or most importantly build your home library and become a spiritual giant full of wisdom and strength.  I’m putting two  links up for you to check them.  You can also call in at 817-852-6000.  Wait for the option for Customer Service or orders.  Note:  if you want the CD form, you must request his by phone.  Online is MP3 or DVD.

Praying Parents – November Chapter 13

Our November chapter for praying parents is “Having the Motivation for Proper Body Care”.  Most children will not take care of themselves without our constant persistence.   However, God is seeing us as parents the same way.  What are we doing to change our bodies to be the temple of the Holy Spirit?  It’s in the self control and discipline of our daily lives.  Let’s work on this as we end the year.10690085_10152547993191078_7750447512201977202_n

Praying Wife – October’s Chapter 12

Our praying wife chapter for October is “His Protection”.  The Lord set up protection for us by His Blood, by His angels, by His Word.  We need to be in the right place at the right time.  Let’s believe the Lord for our husband’s to be exactly where they need to be, every moment of the day.  That goes for us too.  465844_376421289075949_1395031500_o

Praying Parents – October’s Chapter 12

Our chapter for October is “Enjoying A Life of Healing and Health”.  God’s desire is for us all to be healthy and enjoy what He has provided.  Whether or not we choose this or not is up to us.  Let’s determine to end the year and begin 2018, in better health than we are.  That’s goes for our children and their families too.8027_416283015089776_843665871_n