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Praying Wives – July’s Chapter 21 “His Marriage”

This month’s chapter is on our marriage. Most of you would agree that praying for our marriage is a necessity. That without putting the Word in the spirit regarding what marriage should be like (according to God) we would have more divorces. Marriage is not easy. Marriage is work. Marriage can bring great fulfillment and great irritation. How do you look at marriage? Are you married because you had to be someone? Are you married because you wanted children but not really a spouse? Are you married because you just had to have great sex? Are you married because you wanted to taken care of financially? Are you married because God said this is the one I have for you?

Regardless of your answer it’s not the whole story. God designed marriage to resemble our relationship with him. If your relationship with God is not good, then it won’t be good in your marriage either. You might say, oh, but it is. We have an awesome marriage. Think about how much better it will be if God has the same given to Him by you. Take time to nourish your relationship with the Lord and with your husband. Do something you haven’t done in years. Think back to when you were first dating and do something totally unexpected like you did then. Make a candlelight dinner, something he really enjoys. Starting making him a real priority.

Above all else, pray. Pray much for your marriage, for your family. Declare God’s word over it and watch the marriage grow. You might say, I did that and we had a huge fight. My answer to you is this, do you think the enemy will roll over and let leave you alone. No. Be prepared to fight for what your rights are. God said we can have life and have it more abundantly. Let’s reach for it. Let’s give it our all.

Join me this month in praying for all our marriages. Believe for it to flourish like a flowering plant when you give it water and plant food. Believe for strife to be removed and love and peace to enter. Blessed are all our marriages and they are filled with joy and peace. Wisdom for everything we do and abundance of prosperity (all areas).

Praying Parents – July’s Chapter 21 “Inviting Joy In”

This next chapter is on joy.  This is vital to our living as a Christian.  Without it we don’t have the Lord’s strength.  We end up sick and depressed.  It’s a powerful tool against the enemy.  Remember in James where it states count it all joy when you fall in to various places.  When the enemy comes in praise stills the avenger.  Joy can do more to promote you than you really know about.
Just take a moment, maybe life has really given you some hard times.  Which Jesus said would come.  Think about something that makes you happy.  It could be a pretty sunset, a flower in the yard, coffee, a good meal, a clean house, a nice drive to a friend’s house.  Just think about it for a moment and that is what is called a joy bubble.
Our children need these too.  As we go through life and face each season, each challenge, each stepping stone, we need joy.  Spend time asking your children what makes them smile?  What is it that brings happiness?  If they are young, they will probably tell you a toy, a friend, a movie.  If they are older, a new car, a meal, all bills paid.  Start recounting some happy moments. Give the Lord thanks for these and watch what happens.