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Napoleon Hill

The privilege of bringing children into the world carries with it the responsibility of teaching them the fundamentals of sound character.

One of life’s greatest joys is the sense of wonder that accompanies the arrival of a tiny new human being into the world. But that joy is accompanied by a tremendous responsibility that perfectly encapsulates the need for personal initiative. You can provide children with all the physical advantages of a good childhood, but unless you strive to set a good example for them to follow, you will know only dismay as they reach adulthood and blossom into purposeless drifters. Your personal initiative, whether or not you are raising a child, must always incorporate exemplary behavior. You cannot take ethical shortcuts, big or small, without other people observing them and assuming that this behavior is something you wouldn’t mind having turned back on yourself. Certainly you will make mistakes, but if you have always striven for the best course, others will remember it and treat you accordingly. 

Napoleon Hill

Friends must be grown to order — not taken for granted.

Your friends will be what you make them. If you are the kind of friend who freely gives of your time and always shows consideration for others, your friends will be generous and kind. If you are the kind of person who takes your friends for granted, neither giving nor expecting much in return, you will attract friends who exhibit the same qualities. In friendship, like attracts like. Assess your behavior occasionally to determine what kind of friend you are. Are you the kind of person you would like to have as a friend? Do you freely give more than you expect in return, or are you always asking and never giving? Do you take the time to stay in touch, to remember friends’ special occasions? When you become so consumed with your own interests that you forget about your friends, you are well on your way to becoming friendless.

Praying Parents – August Chapter 22 – Destroying the Bondage’s We Inherit

This chapter is on destroying the bondage’s we inherit.  This can only be done through the Word of God.  We must speak the word and believe what we are saying.  We have the power given to us by Jesus.  We have His authority.  Let’s use it.  God designed us to speak into being what we want.  These bondage’s are not what we want.  Let’s ask the Lord to identify what we need to pray for or just simply say “Lord, whatever is a bondage in my life, my children’s lives I’m asking you to remove them now in Jesus name. ”  Find the Scriptures you are standing and speak those.   We don’t have to know what the name of spirit is.  We just have to declare it doesn’t have authority over us.  Let’s see the power of God manifest in our families lives and be what God created them to be.

How To Grow Book Review – by Darryl Dash

Darryl’s book helps believer’s all across the world become more like Christ. He helps us learn how to grow in the Lord and become a true disciple of Jesus. We must be a hearer and a doer. We must apply what we are reading and learning. Truly taking God’s word and His principles and apply them to our lives. We are then transformed and His glory is shown. If you are not sure how to get to that next level in your life, this book will help you.

Praying Wife – September Chapter 23 (3rd time) “His Walk With God”

It’s on our husband’s walk.  We all know that we can judge one another, but you had better be ready to be judged.  Life has a way of throwing us a wrench just when we need adjusting.  We tend to get real comfortable and stop growing.  How many of you like stagnant water?  Where moss, and algae and mosquitoes thrive.  I sure don’t.  We are like river’s of water.  We should be constantly moving in different directions causing ourselves to grow and increase in all areas.  Yes, our husband’s should be too.  Let it start with you.  When was the last time you really dove into a book that didn’t have to do with the Word?  I mean educated yourself on something new?  For me that’s all the time.  I do book reviews.  However, I am considering taking two courses online from Hillsdale College.  It’s free and it would improve my awareness for politics and finances.   Like I don’t have enough to do, but we must grow. Listening to some Biblical teachers on how to be leader would be growth.  What about learning to cook better, or sew better.  There is so much these days that we can do to grow and better ourselves. 
Our husbands walk with the Lord will be dependent on the amount of time they spend pouring the word of God in them.  It is not up to us to keep track of whether they read their Bible or listened to teaching.  Our job is to encourage them to be and do their best.  To pray for them to desire the things of God.  To be honorable men in society and the kingdom of God.  That’s what we’ll be doing this month.  Praying for our husband’s to grow closer to the Lord and to desire the things of His kingdom, and not their own11159494_1097025520312634_1449965744328029119_n