Praying Parents – Aug Chapter 10 “Being the person God created you”

Praying Parents – August’s chapter is 10 “Being the person God created”. Dr. Leaf said this in her book I read “The Perfect You” – “Your Perfect You is the reflection of God—out of it springs your identity and your purpose as a steward of his creation and glory. Once you begin to understand your Perfect you and its structure—because truly getting to fully understand your Perfect you is a lifelong journey—you can walk in anticipation and freedom through life, rejoicing despite the circumstances. You can truly be a light in a dark world, bringing heaven to earth through your thoughts, words and actions. Your Perfect you will take you from missing the mark of being made in God’s image to stepping into who you truly are. We have incredible minds that are truly worth celebrating. We must also remember, however, that with the incredible power in our minds come responsibility for how we use it: we cannot escape the consequences of our choices. We choose life or death.”

This month as we pray for our children and ourselves, let’s ask the Lord to help us know “the perfect us”.


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