Part III – “Our Thoughts” continuation in the study of renewing our minds

Welcome back to our study on “renewing our minds”.  I would like to thank you in advance for your continued patience, as I research this study and get it typed up.  Since our part II, we as a family have had some unexpected events happen and it has been very challenging for us.  God’s unending grace and love have helped us move through these trials.  As I mentioned before, I am walking this study out as I bring it to you.  When we examine what we think about we realize it is about many things and not all are profitable.  I have had such a time of casting down thoughts since I began this study. My husband mentioned that he too, has been challenged more recently in this area.   As we unfold what this word “thought” means, you’ll start to understand why it is important to watch what we think as well as what we watch and say.  Let’s begin by defining what a thought is.

Thought:  an idea, plan, opinion, picture, etc., that is formed in your mind : something that you think of:  the act or process of thinking:  the act of carefully thinking about the details of something  (According to Merriam’s Webster’s Dictionary

  1. 1a :  the action or process of thinking :  cogitationb :  serious consideration :  regard c archaic :  recollection, remembrance

  2. 2a :  reasoning power b :  the power to imagine :  conception

  3. 3:  something that is thought: as a :  an individual act or product of thinking b :  a developed intention or plan <had no thought of leaving home>c :  something (as an opinion or belief) in the mind <he spoke his thoughts freely>d :  the intellectual product or the organized views and principles of a period, place, group, or individual <contemporary Western thought>


  1. 1:  to form or have in the mind

  2. 2:  to have as an intention <thought to return early>

  3. 3a :  to have as an opinion <think it’s so>b :  to regard as :  consider <think the rule unfair>

  4. 4a :  to reflect on :  ponder <think the matter over>b :  to determine by reflecting <think what to do next>

  5. 5:  to call to mind :  remember <he never thinks to ask how we do>

  6. 6:  to devise by thinking —usually used with up <thought up a plan to escape>

  7. 7:  to have as an expectation :  anticipate <we didn’t think we’d have any trouble>

  8. 8a :  to center one’s thoughts on <talks and thinks business>b :  to form a mental picture of

  9. 9:  to subject to the processes of logical thought <think things out>

  10. intransitive verb
  11. 1a :  to exercise the powers of judgment, conception, or inference :  reasonb :  to have in the mind or call to mind a thought

  12. 2a :  to have the mind engaged in reflection :  meditateb :  to consider the suitability <thought of her for president>

  13. 3:  to have a view or opinion <thinks of himself as a poet>

  14. 4:  to have concern —usually used with of <a man must think first of his family>

  15. 5:  to consider something likely :  suspect <may happen sooner than you think>

Vines Complete Expository Dictionary explains thoughts as reasoning’s.

  1. To think  1.  Dokeo  – to suppose, to think, to form an opinion, surmise
  2. noeo  – to perceive, understand, apprehend
  3. logizomai – taketh account of, input, reflection
  4. oiomai – to imagine, ponder, to consider

Reasoning:  inward questioning

Ponder – to throw together, confer, to put one thing with another in considering circumstances

Let these definitions roll around in your mind to bring more of an awareness to what you really are meditating on.  We’ll discuss it more in the next part of the study on thoughts.



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