Happy Thanksgiving!

10614230_10152921292222952_7807614862269516544_nHello there,

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week from our home to yours. Remember to take some time to really think about the good things God has done and is doing. We are all going through things, but if we continually meditate on negative things, we become ungrateful of what He has done and will do. It’s a time for gratitude of who the Lord is and not just what He has done. Some of us won’t be able to spend the holiday with family or friends (we are included), so don’t look at how lonely this is, because God is with us. Find someone you can make feel better about the season. Give them a hug or an encouraging word. It won’t be easy as we all want to think, “what about me”, but you can do it.  Ask the Lord to sent someone who wants to celebrate with you…find a church that is having a meal for people and join them.  Whatever you do make sure you are not letting depression overtake you.

Announcement: Kenneth Copeland Ministries, kcm.org has a free Christmas CD offer. Please go to their site and click on shop, then offers.

Love you all,


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