The Brain – Part II of the study on Renewing Our Mind


We are now on to our second part of our study on “Renewing Our Minds”.  Thank you for your patience during these last couple months.  We as a family have experienced some great challenges.  We are pressing forward and believing God for all He has for the rest of the year.  As a reminder, I will put this same post on the Facebook pages and hopefully twitter, etc. Please let other wives and parents know about this website (and the studies we are doing), who may benefit from this.   Let’s begin.

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary the brain is defined as the organ of the body in the head that controls functions, movements, sensations, and thoughts (the ability to think and reason).

We refer to intelligent people as “brains”.

There are many aspects of the brain and we will discuss some of them during this study.  But for now, I want to introduce the brain and some statistics of what happens when we use our brains.

The brain is what is behind the windows to the mind.  It is extremely important to what goes in our minds because it influences what our brain tells us to do.

Our brain is on a stem, which makes it vulnerable.  It is the only organ at birth that is not fully developed.  It takes 18 years for your brain to grow, and a lifetime to mature.  For those of you who have teenagers, that is why they are not capable of making as wise of decisions as they will once they turn 18.

Our brain is the size of two fists held together.  The male brain is bigger than the female brain by 9%.  According to scientific research the average person only uses .001% of their brain for intellectual achievement.  They say in a lifetime we will not get beyond 6%.

We are born with 200 Trillion Nerve Cells.  By 2 years old, we lose 100 trillion.  It takes 3 million years to fill one human brain.

For many years scientists said the left side of the brain was academic and the right side was creative.  They have since found out the left side works the detail to the big picture.  2 + 2 = 4.  The right side works the big picture to the detail.  4 = 2 + 2.  Both sides work together giving you the whole picture. (Explained by Dr. Caroline Leaf)

When the brain is stimulated incorrectly both sides do not work together, creating wrong thinking.  Wrong or toxic thoughts (as Dr. Leaf calls them) cause brain damage.  The good news is that right thoughts/thinking reverses the damage and after only 4 days of imputing good thoughts the damage is already reversed.  Thus, brain damage does not have to be permanent.  It is extremely important as to what we are seeing, hearing and speaking which we will be talking about during the study.

Stay tuned, we will study next time on what thoughts are and how they affect us.


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