Renewing Our Mind


Good day all.  Thank you for your continued patience with me regarding getting this site going and our study underway. Since beginning the study on our minds, I have had the challenge of old thoughts coming more rapidly than usual.  This has been quite taxing.  As I began to understand more about our thoughts, and how important they are to our well being, I have had to do what we’re about to study.  Please understand that when I share what I’m learning I am not preaching to you and then doing the opposite.  I am applying what I’m sharing with you to my life as we speak (read) right now.  My prayer is that as you read and study this topic, you’ll have an increased comprehension of God’s true desire for your life. How faith interacts with our thinking and how to accept God’s love (grace) unconditional.

This study could take a while, so get your coffee, your Bible, note pad and relax.

Let’s begin with what does it mean to renew our mind?  Most of us go right to the fact that we need to read more of the Word of God.  We need to think more like Jesus.  But it’s much more than that.  When we were born again, we accepted all that Jesus provided for us.  That means what God has, we have.  Think about that for a bit.  God is wholeness, prosperity, wisdom, love, faithfulness, and that is just some of His qualities. These belong to us also.  We are more than just a spirit that lives in a body.  We have a mind, which includes our will, emotions and thoughts.  God designed us to be like Him.

Let’s take a look at what the word renew means. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary states that renew means:

  1.   to make like new :  restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection <as we renew our strength in sleep
  2.   to make new spiritually
  3.   a :  to restore to existence ; b :  to make extensive changes in
  4.   to do again;  to begin again 
  5.  replace, replenish <renew water in a tank>
  6.  a)  to grant or obtain an extension of or on <renew a license>;b)  to grant or obtain an extension on the loan of <renew a library book>

By looking at the meaning of this word renew, we understand that it has to do with beginning over, like a retake.  When we take an exam again, we don’t write over our answers.  We get a fresh, new test sheet.  This is what happens when we get born again.  We get to make a fresh slate of our lives.  When we begin reading the Word of God, we start putting new thoughts in our minds.  We start removing the old thoughts.  We begin to hear differently, see differently, act differently, speak differently.  Our whole life transforms at this point.

After taking a look at what renewing our mind means, let’s think about that and get ready for the next part of our study (coming soon).


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