Renewing Our Minds – Introduction

Good day everyone.  Thank you for being so patient with me as I begin writing on this blog.  Due to home schooling three teenagers and running two online prayer groups, my time has been spread out more than I intended.   When I began the website (blog) the Lord just said “start”.  I did not have any studies prepared, or blog posts ready.  This seems very unorthodox and unorganized, I fully agree  This is, however, the way the Lord had me begin.  I am not a natural at writing when it comes to articulating my words.  I like to write letters and notes, but blogging is a new area for me.  Please keep me lifted up in prayer as I listen for what the Lord would have me say.  With that said, here we go.

When I asked the Lord what do you want to me say first, He said, “Teach them how to renew their minds.”  At first this seemed so simple, and I thought, “how easy”.  Yet, as I began to study it out, I found it very involved and very intriguing.  I will be dividing this study into many posts.  Dissecting various parts of the way we were designed to think and react, and how it hinders or helps us.  I will be posting thought provoking quotes for you to consider.  We’ll start with the quote in the picture below.  This may go on for many weeks. Grab your coffee, tea or water; your Bible, and your notebook and enjoy the ride.  Please remember if I do not post much it is intended for you to think about.  Please comment on anything we talk about and let us all know you thoughts or feelings.  Thank you in advance.



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